Real Life and Horror

Although I’m not entirely sure where I am going to go for my intro yet, I have certainly noticed a fair amount of patterns, and when I organize my data I think I will find an angle for creating an introduction, and more importantly, an actual thesis, rather than simply a concept. A major consistency I’ve noticed is that King’s strategy revolves around warping real life events. In nearly every interview I’ve read, King cites some sort of real life event inspiring him, causing him to take it, and push it to the extreme, in order to achieve the horror genre he favors. For example, Cujo is one of the clearest uses of this technique for him. King tells an interviewer at The Paris Review about a small, family owned mechanic’s shop nearby one of his houses. He says it was out in the middle of nowhere, and the mechanic had a pet dog that he allowed to freely wander the property. King found this dog threatening, and felt proven right when it growled and lunged at him (only to be stopped by the owner, who of course came to his beloved dogs defense). King took this real life event, and began to warp it, to take it and apply his fears to it. He thinks, what is someone most afraid of, losing a loved one. Instead of him, he imagines it’s his wife visiting the mechanic, in their beat up car. The car won’t start, as it has a tendency. In his mind, he wonders what would happen if his wife had to run into the car in order to avoid the mechanic’s dog, and then, their old car wouldn’t start, as it had the tendency to? This thought process leads itself exactly to one of the most famous scenes King has written, and this is just the beginning of his process!


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