Why Study Stephen King?

Since I completely decided on my topic early on in the process of this research paper, I may have to repeat myself a bit when I talk about why I chose this particular topic, not that I’m complaining, since I could talk about Stephen King forever. More specifically, since my question pertains to King’s use of horror in his writing process, and how, perhaps, that effects the decisions, and the order of said decisions, he makes. As I’ve read up on him during my research, I have learned that this effect is quite large! He often cites the fact that his genre of choice is horror as his reasoning for certain aspects of his process. It is easy to find interviews with him, as he is incredibly popular and incredibly famous. He is well known, I think, for having a rather large and impressive bibliography, especially since many of his works have been translated into equally, if not more, famous movies. I think this as a paper, will at the very least be interesting, because it is a topic I myself am interested in. It’s important to look at the writing process from different perspectives, and using the perspectives of different genres of fiction is a neat and specific way to look at it. I also think it will be useful for fiction writers such as myself to look at and study it, whether their topic of choice is horror or not, and compare and contrast it with their own process. Even disregarding the specification of the genre, Stephen King is objectively a famous and popular author, and thus, is one that is worthwhile to study. It’s important to look at the successes of others, when bettering oneself, but also, even when one isn’t an author, it’s useful to learn.


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