Researching King

I found, when researching Stephen King, there is no shortage of information. He’s a very open and very famous man. One of the things he is well known for is requesting that his readers review him, send him letters, and critique his works, so it’s not a surprise that he’s happy to speak on his process. There was an excellent and perfectly relevant article on The Paris Review that suited my topic perfectly. He said several interesting things in this review. I noted all of them, especially what he said pertaining to the genre of horror specifically because this is the topic I intend to do for my essay. A definite pattern has emerged, and that is the pattern of how he writes his stories. He always cited taking some sort of real world inspiration, that he very heavily twisted, pushed to the extreme, in order to make it more, for lack of a better word, horrific. He cited a story he wrote around the time of the interview in The Paris Review, called Cell, which I have begun to read in order to more accurately write on it, and also because I honestly just wanted to. Something that surprised me was King’s frustration with the reigning popularity of his older stories. As a fan of his older stories, this felt like some sort of sacrilege when I first read it, before I really thought about it. He wants to improve, obviously, it really isn’t that shocking when you take a second. Everyone wants to improve! I think this is an important thing, though. His writing has spanned a long time and he has begun to resent his early works. I think that will be an interesting thing to include in my essay when I write it. Especially when considering The Stand.


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