Stephen King is Boring

For my upcoming English paper I would like to write about Stephen King, and I pretty much narrowed that down the moment it was suggested to do one author in class. It’s obviously best for most people to write a paper about something exciting to them, so it was an easy choice when I felt myself quite literally perk up at the idea. As far as the writing process, as the prompt asks, I am definitely most interested in how an author comes to an ending. I have always struggled, in both fiction and academic writing, with closure. It’s difficult to me to even comprehend how someone may come upon a solid ending naturally, and I would love to know how a favorite author of mine does it. I am fascinated by the whole process in and of itself as well, and I could almost definitely see myself doing an overall generally analysis of Stephen King’s process. The point here being, personally, I am most frustrated by conclusion.

Switching gears entirely, I certainly have a personal connection to Stephen King. This is the part where I know I could go on for hours if I don’t control myself, as I am such an avid fan of his work, not just in reading it, but in critically breaking it down and comparing them to his other works and also the works of other authors. No one asked, but Misery is absolutely my favorite, followed closely by Carrie (and then perhaps The ShiningGerald’s Game, although that is a rough one, wow. Secret Window, Secret Garden is also one of my favorites of the stories I’ve read in his anthologies). That being said, King’s work, in my opinion, is highly…not controversial, perse, but debatable in its acclaim. King has a natural ability to make a boring story into something that holds a reader’s attention, it’s beautiful and interesting and I would love to know how he does it. If I were to retell The Shining to someone, in my own words, it could never hold someone’s attention the way the book does. I think the best example I could give to someone to explain this phenomenon is my experience with Carrie. I am a horror fan outside of just King, and watched the movie as a preteen, excited for a film so iconic and well known. It bored me, that isn’t to say it bored everyone or will bore everyone, but it bored me. I read the short story version of Carrie as a senior in high school in one sitting during a class period. I didn’t hear a single word the teacher said, and to this day, I find it to be one of his most profoundly disturbing works. I’m not easily scared by fiction, and Carrie certainly unnerved me. It’s that juxtaposition which draws me to talk about him, and excites me when the topic of his writing becomes a possible essay choice. His writing is all about voice, as opposed to story, which in conjunction with his genre of choice, horror, fascinates me, because it’s strange and different.


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