Discourse Communities

One of my primary identities is as an LGBT individual. I spent years in the closet, hiding this part of myself from the ages of eleven, when I discovered it, to eighteen, when I finally came out. As such, shoving this major aspect of my personality down for so long, I relished in the chance to finally express myself and be with like-minded people. When I got the opportunity to join the gay straight alliance I jumped at the chance to join a community where I could finally feel like myself. This community would be excellent for our upcoming essay, as it’s a group of people with a single, specific similarity, but only that one connecting thread. Writing practices the gay straight alliances engages in are mainly texting and posts on social media.

Another community I am a part of that I could include for this assignment is the group of kids I used to do art with. Although we were never technically a “club”, we certainly behaved as such, and not all of us ended up as actual friends, so it would be an interesting community to study. It would certainly be difficult though, considering there hasn’t been very much communication between members since our high school graduation. The writing practices this community engaged in were exclusively emails.

A final discourse community I could write about, is the one that I honestly intend to do. A major part of my life is my participation in online groups and friendships. Since around the age of fourteen I have had an extremely active Twitter account that floated around through different groups during the years. Currently, I have a massive amount of friends and acquaintances on Twitter that I have made through a mutual interest in a webcomic. It’s a spider web of people from all over the globe, and I think it would be a fascinating group to study the inner workings of, especially with varying opinions through the comic being the connecting and fascinating thread. Obviously the primary communicative practice is Twitter posts, but there are also direct messages, Snapchats, texts, and group or solo calls (voice as well as face to face). Ever since the assignment was introduced I have been certain I will study this group, since I am close to them in a way I am not with the other group, and there is also a massive disparity between members. The ages range from twelve to late thirties, nationalities from American to Filipino. It’s an interesting group of people with varying levels of things in common and I look forward to observing them in a scientific light as well as interviewing. I have several hypothesis’ I intend to look for, but I also hoping to learn something new to perhaps write about.


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