The Value of Reading and Writing

I highly value reading and writing, it’s been one of my passions for years. Reading is an art form that I respect and thoroughly enjoy, and books have been a comfort to me since a young age. As I mentioned in my last post, my dad and mom taught me to read with the motivation to read along with a book series I enjoyed, and this was a very meaningful and enriching experience for me as a child. Reading is extremely enjoyable, albeit somewhat boring at times. Occasionally, elevated prose is too complicated to understand at first glance, however it allows me to educate myself further and become a stronger reader, which is a gratifying experience. Writing can be extremely frustrating, especially academic writing, which gets tedious for me really easily. Learning to write that way has been a struggle, and continues to be, but there is still something strangely enjoyable about it. Part of my love for reading and writing stems from the ability to explore other worlds through text, which isn’t exactly included in academic essay, so this is largely where the difference comes from for me.


I was semi obsessed with “Harry Potter” in my middle school years, which reignited the flame of passion for reading within me. That is not the only reading I did, though. Currently, I enjoy reading both science fiction and horror, my favorite authors being Stephen King and Michael Crichton. I very much enjoy Stephen King’s Misery and Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park (stereotypical choices, maybe, but nonetheless good). Comics also are some of my favorites, Watchmen is an excellent book and it being a comic doesn’t demerit it’s literacy. My favorite type of writing, as mentioned, is fictional writing. I enjoy writing stories about characters in fantastical settings, different time periods, and the like. Overall, reading and writing had a massive impact on my life and I wouldn’t be who I am without it.


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